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FDA's Import Program

The FDA’s and the Customs and Border Patrol Service (CBP) have become increasingly sophisticated and equally demanding in the submission of information and adherence to government procedures for imported products.  Firm’s that fail to understand and properly execute an import program find their shipments delayed, detained or refused.  A number of factors can derail the import process.  Encore Insight LLC provides expert consultation on the import process from an ex-FDA senior official with 32 years of experience. Let’s face it, problems in your import process cost money, create customer dissatisfaction and put you on the FDA’s radarscope.  That is not a good thing.  We can resolve the problems with your operations. It is not a hopeless task.

Encore Insight LLC also offers an in-person seminar for individual firms to bring employees up to speed and work with a coordinated understanding of the FDA’s and CBP’s import program.   Topics include the following:


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