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Cap's Blog: FDA with a Twist  

I offer my blog as the musings of an ex-FDA investigator with 32 years of service.  Surviving 32 years required a tireless sense of humor and an appreciation for the ripe commentary of “Really?”  The postings will address some of the agency’s current issues or activities, but with a twist, my twist.   

Working at the FDA was like living in a large family, perhaps one that missed too many family therapy sessions.  The FDA means well, it does.  What it does and how it does it, however, can mystify people.  The FDA does an amazing job with relatively few resources given the scope of its responsibilities; but the agency’s institutional mindset needs an intervention at times, like with the drama of a Congressional hearing.   

I will examine examples of my ex-family’s behavior that call for accolades or for a point blank response of, “Really?”  For now, just prepare yourself for what could never be mistaken as a quarterly law review article.  To the contrary, imagine yourself behind a one-way mirror; you can see them; but they can’t see you.  That may seem a little voyeuristic to you, but that will pass.


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Quarterly Blog: Cap's Twist on the FDA

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